“Know your Inner Imam … helped me connect to the divine presence within.”
— Salim K., Amazon Reviewer

“If you too are at the stage where you are ready to feel God within, do read this book.”
— Margaret B., Amazon Reviewer

tbowg_3d_smallRated amazon-5-star-reviews STARS on amazon
Takes You On Seven Different Journeys
To Be One With God

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  • experience and restore your personal connection with God
  • find meaning and purpose in your life
  • answer many of life’s greatest questions
  • explore universal truths from the lives of world’s greatest teachers
  • inspire love and light within your life and the lives of others
  • discover the essence of the spirit behind all of life, within and without

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tbowg_wordcloud_upd*As reviewed on Amazon.com

“I am Christian, had a husband who is Hindu, and my son is Buddhist. I was impressed …”

“… absolutely and positively the most powerful book I have ever read”

“… it will be very difficult to put this book down as you will keep expecting something more meaningful and deeper to unravel”

Profound! Takes you on your inner journey to connect with the Divine …”

“… the author does not shy away from asking the messy, gritty, universal questions of meaning making and understanding our place in the cosmos”

“… a Must-Read for seekers of universal truths!”

“It got me reflecting with endless tears flowing that I didn’t want or care to stop …”

“… appealed to my heart and soul and provided me with an unforgettably transformational experience

Quote from the Book

“I am always with you, my child.  There is never a moment when I don’t live in you and live through you.  So, live courageously, live without fear, don’t be scared, don’t be afraid, don’t be worried, and don’t be stressed.  You are never in darkness, my child, even when it’s night.  The inner sun resides in your being and lights your world brighter than the outer sun ever could.”